Eligibility requirements

Major requirements for Degree

To be awarded the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting you must:

The degree must be completed within 10 years of your start date onto the ACCA‟s professional qualification otherwise your eligibility will be withdrawn

If you are unsure on your eligibility for the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree, then you should firstly refer to  myACCA which will tell you whether or not you have opted in to the degree scheme and whether or not you are eligible.

Major reasons for non eligibility for Degree

If you are not eligible for the degree programme, then it will be for one of the following reasons:

You ticked the box on your ACCA registration form stating you did not wish to join the Oxford Brookes University degree programme

  • If you are yet to complete Papers F7, F8 and F9, you may opt back in to the BSc degree by contacting students@accaglobal.com
  • If you have already passed ANY of Papers F7, F8 or F9, then unfortunately it is now too late to opt back into the degree programme.
  • If you hold exemptions for any of Papers F7-F9, then you may contact ACCA Connect to forfeit these in order to remain eligible. This must be done before sitting any of the other core Papers of F7-F9 – once you have forfeited your exemption you cannot reverse this decision

You enrolled with ACCA over 10 years ago

  • The BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree has a 10 year deadline starting from a student‟s start date with ACCA. If this has expired in your case, we regret that you are no longer eligible to complete the degree with us.

Important Note:

Changes to Paper F4 after June 2014

  • Due to changes in the structure of Paper F4 which will take effect from the December 2014 exam sitting, the June 2014 F4 exam paper will be the last sitting that will meet the required proof of English proficiency for the degree.
  • Any students who have successfully passed Paper F4 on or before June 2014 will continue to be able to use this as proof of English proficiency.
  • Any students who take Paper F4 on or after December 2014 will require an alternative proof of English proficiency to meet the entrance requirements of Oxford Brookes University.
  • Details of the qualifications that meet Oxford Brookes University‟s proof of English proficiency can be found in the links below:



There is no change to the administration of eligibility for the programme. Proof of English proficiency will be continue to be administered by ACCA. Students do NOT need to send in proof of English proficiency to Oxford Brookes University.

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