Elements of RAP Assessment Criteria

Brief Detail of RAP Assessment Criteria:

Brief Assessment of RAP criteria

Detail of Assessment Criteria:

Research Report – Assessment

The aim of the Research Report is to enable an opportunity for the student to show their Technical and Professional Skills in the following:

  • Understanding of accounting and business models
  • Proper application of accounting and business models
  • Proper evaluation of the information, analysis, and conclusion
  • Appropriate presentation of findings

and Graduate Skills in:

  • Communication
  • Gathering of information and correct referencing
  • Information Technology

All the above-mentioned criteria have an important influence in the learning cycle of the students invested in obtaining a BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting. The knowledge of these skills can be shown by the application of the previous ACCA education on a project on a specific topic and organization. The Research Report needs to have a 7,500 word count.

This section covers the directions on getting guidance in the preparation of your project. There is a recommended structure that you should follow for your Research Report, and that will make certain that you have enough evidence so that the officials at the Oxford Brookes University can make a complete assessment and a decision on your Research Report.

The established recommendations by OBU are not an only manner by which the Research Report should be made. The student decides the management of the project and the preparation of the Research Report. But there is also the manner in which the Research Report will be evaluated. The content of the Research Report must be relevant to the given topic, and also to the prescribed assessment criteria. If it is lacking, then there is the risk of not meeting the standards, and if the much irrelevant information is put in the Research Report, there is a risk of not showing the proper devotion and skill.

Before you start preparing the Research Report, there are several issues that need to be addressed, as they have an influence on the development of the project objectives and research questions, and the overall coordination of the research processes.

Skills and Learning Statement: Assessment

The Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) will be evaluated as Pass or Fail, but not graded. It still needs proper dedication, since it is as important as the Research Report in passing the whole Research and Analysis Project.

The self – reflection part of the SLS is where you address the SLS questions and give you thoughts and judgment on your skills and actions. You need to show your ability to reflect on the decisions and actions you have made during the preparation of the RAP. The examiners will need to see concrete evidence of you recognition of your strong sides and weaknesses, and you mustn’t just give an explanation of the events that happened during the preparation of your RAP, otherwise, you will fail the SLS.

 Detail of Assessment Creteria

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