Appendix 1

Appendix 1 – Research and analysis project assessment criteria

Technical and Professional Skills
Understanding of accountancy / business models  Highly appropriate choice of theory/concepts.

Very clear relevance and shows evidence of wider reading

Appropriate choice of theory and concepts.

Significant evidence of understanding.

Some, but limited choice and use of theory and concepts.

Some evidence of understanding.

Poor choice of theory / concepts, very limited understanding.

Reliance on narrow range of material.

Application of accountancy / business models Insightful and critical application of models to the project topic. Mostly correct application of theory to the project topic. Mostly correct application of theory to the project topic. Poor use of theory / models and confused understanding of application.
Evaluation of information, analysis and conclusions High level of critical thought shown in the analysis and a rigorous approach to the evaluation of information. Strength shown in some areas of critical review of the information. Good evaluation of information. Some analysis but a tendency towards description rather than analysis and evaluation Descriptive and lacking in analysis.

Inaccuracies. Little or no critical evaluation

Presentation of project findings Can engage reader in a professional manner and produce a relevant and coherent project report with appropriate structure. Can communicate effectively in a format appropriate to the report. Clear and concise manner with all relevant information. Some communication is effective. Can report practical applications in a structured way. Communication is only partially effective and project is poorly structured.
Graduate Skills Competent Not Competent  
Communication Language mostly fluent.

Grammar and spelling mainly accurate.

Meaning often unclear.

Grammar and / or spelling contain frequent errors.

Information gathering and referencing Clear evidence of a range of relevant information sources.

Clear evidence of correct referencing methodology.

Very few and / or irrelevant information sources used.

Referencing is mostly absent or unsystematic.

Information technology Shows reasonable evidence of having accessed online information sources and having used a spreadsheet and other software in preparing the project report. Little evidence of use of IT during preparation of project. Little online access, no evidence of spreadsheet.
Skills and Learning Statement Competent Not Competent    
Self-reflection Makes a reasonable attempt to address all four questions.(see below *)

Shows ability to reflect on judgments made / actions taken during project work.

Evidence of recognizing own strengths and weaknesses

Overly focused on only one or two questions.(see below *)

Emphasis on description of events, little evaluation of self development etc.

Little discussion of own strengths and weaknesses



A copy of the presentation to the Mentor is included.

Presentation has appropriate structure. Content is clearly linked to project report findings

A copy of the presentation to the Mentor has not been included.

Presentation is poorly structured and / or content is not relevant to project report findings.

*In the SLS, the student will be asked to reflect on the following four questions.

  1. Reflect on what you have learnt from the meetings with your project mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your project mentor?
  1. To what extent do you think you have achieved the RAP research objectives you set?
  1. How have you demonstrated your interpersonal and communication skills during the project work?
  1. Reflect on how undertaking the RAP helped you in your accountancy studies and/or current employment role?

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