What should mention on cover page of Research Report?

Your cover page should at least contain title of topic e.g. Topic 8 “An Evaluation of the Business and Financial Performance of ABC between 01 July 2016 to 30 June 2019″,  ACCA registration number, Word count, title of report e.g. Research Report” and it is also better to mention somewhere on cover pg. name of […]

What is the word count of Research Report?

The student needs to stay within the specified word count. Oxford Brookes University (OBU) reserves the right to fail any project that contains more than the maximum 7,500 prescribed words. The total word count needs to be declared on the title page of the Research and Analysis Project (RAP). The 7,500 word count contains everything […]

Usage of WriteCheck™ (to identify plagiarism)

Oxford Brookes University (OBU) mandates that the submitted Research and Analysis Project (RAP) project is the student’s personal work. Especially that there are no big or small parts copied from another student, a textbook, a journal or another source. The students are allowed to use only small amounts of quoted text, which, of course needs […]

Topic 8 and 15 requirements (Nov 2019 and May 2020 Session)

Topic 8 and 15 requirements: submission in November 2019 (Period 39) and May 2020 (Period 40) For the above topics and submission dates you MUST use organisations from the following specific sectors, based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB): The Industry Classification Benchmark is being updated with a new structure adopted on 1 July 2019. The […]

Suggested structure of Research Report for Research and Analysis Project (RAP)

The RAP is the last component necessary for completion of the BSc degree and it consist of two parts: the Research Report (7,500 words) and the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) (2,000 words). The OBU recommends that the student follow the proposed structure and approximate word distribution for the Research Report. This allows the student […]

Submission of Research and Analysis Project (RAP) on OBU Online Portal

When logging on the website for submission, the student will be required to complete the online registration form (NOTE: registration takes about 15 minutes) and there is a checklist that needs to be completed before uploading the project. Any student can find this checklist on the OBU website, listed as related documents, and below in […]

Selection of main and competitor organisation for topic 8 & 15

Selection of appropriate company is very important after selection of topic and this plays an important role in passing your Research and Analysis Project (RAP). For Topic 8 and topic 15, student MUST choose organization from the specific sectors based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB).  Student should consider below mentioned important considerations before finalization […]

Key characteristics of good RAP

As more than 50% students fail their Research and Analysis Project (RAP) in every session and mostly there are common reasons for their failure. By a review of the causes for failing after each submission period, a conclusion has been reached that the students have issues with the research process. The “Research” is seen by […]

Important tips for usage of secondary sources of information

The information is the base for every Research Report. The information sources are classified as primary or secondary data. There are no strict requirements that you needs to collect information only from primary sources of the Research Report, there is an acceptable point to collect information from secondary sources for the necessities of the Research […]

Important tips for usage of primary sources of information

The information is the base for every Research Report. The information sources are classified as primary or secondary data.  The Primary Data is the original data collected by a researcher using whatever necessary means for the purpose of answering the specific research questions, meaning that it has been collected specifically for the purpose of the […]

Importance of Information Technology in preparation of RAP

The student demonstrates their graduate skills by showing evidence of assessing online sources of information and using spreadsheets during the preparation of the Research Report. An important thing for the student to consider at the beginning of the project, is how they are planning to meet this requirement. This may influence the selection of information […]

How to avoid Plagiarism?

Accounting is a profession and as such, along with the ACCA as a global accounting body, are both base on the clear principles of honesty, integrity and proper ethical conduct. These important principles are ingrained within the assessing of every ACCA exam, and integrally within the OBU degree requirements. The student should know that their […]

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