Appendix 8

Research and analysis project checklist

This is for your information – you do not have to submit this form

Have you completed the ACCA Professional Ethics Module (accessed via myACCA) by the date given in the period submission information of this guide (see page 41)? This is a compulsory module for EVERY student submitting a project to Oxford Brookes.

All marking is now anonymous so please ensure you have you NOT included any mention of your name in any of the project documentation submitted

Have you included a Reference List and cited it within the project correctly? (See for details)

Is there evidence of a spreadsheet and/or IT within the project? (Spreadsheet formulae should be included)

If you used a questionnaire as a means of gathering data, have you included your results as well as a sample questionnaire in an Appendix?

Have you included the relevant pages of the company‟s Financial Statements (if necessary)?

(Please do not submit the entire document, copies of the relevant sections are adequate)

Have you used the three most up-to-date financial statements for review if you have based your RAP on topic 8?

If you have focused on topic 08, have you used a comparator for the ratios of another company or industrial averages in your work?

Have you answered the 4 specific questions required in the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS)? (You may use the questions as headings to structure the SLS)

Have you included copies of your PowerPoint presentation slides for your SLS?

Have you included a title page with your name and ACCA number written on it as well as the declared word count?

Is your Research Report more than 7,000 words and your SLS more than 1800 words? Any submission under this word count is unlikely to pass.

Is your Research Report 7500 words or less and your SLS 2000 words or less?

Before logging on to submit, please ensure you have card details ready to pay the relevant submission fee

If you are resubmitting, have you included a 500 word „Resubmission Statement‟?

Please note that each session we will submit all student projects to be passed through TURNITIN to ensure good academic practice.

For a small fee you can submit your project to “WriteCheck”™, to review its quality:

Are you an active member of ACCA? If your account has been suspended you will need to resolve this before submitting a project to Oxford Brookes University.

Please check that your name appears correctly on your ACCA records, and on our Submission site, as this will be the name that will appear on your certificate should you be successful.

Please note that you must inform Oxford Brookes University of any changes in name and address that take place after submission of your project, and before the results date. The University does not receive this information automatically from ACCA and therefore it is a student‟s responsibility to keep Oxford Brookes informed of their personal details. This can be done by emailing

If you experience any difficulties in uploading your project, please email

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