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In early 2006, the idea of establishing a mentoring program for ACCA students (mentees) who wish to obtain Bsc Hons degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (OBU) came into minds of young professional team of Chartered Accountants. The idea was to facilitate students (mentees) across globe for preparation of successful Research and Analysis Project (RAP) through effective utilization of their core capability and high quality mentoring as per suggested guidelines of OBU. In 2007, this idea finally materialized and “VM” was established to implement this basic objective.

Initially, VM team decided to provide mentoring services to local community to get a firm hold as an authoritative institution. The year 2011 observed the inception of professional services across different countries. This success story is continuing with numerous successful graduated students through this network worldwide.

The main objective of this set up is to offer best quality mentoring services; which will provide students with internationally recognized qualification (i.e. BSc Hons. in Applied Accounting from OBU) and an opportunity to actually use the acquired experience in establishing themselves as successful and productive professionals in their  respective role.

Although there are various RAP mentoring service providers in the market but it is observed that many of them fail to provide necessary skills which help mentees in their professional career.  We are here to change this trend by providing structured mentoring program that aim specifically to provide detailed guidance which is personalized to the individual needs  students (mentees). Ore tailored program is basically revolves around maximum learning to students (mentees) as we want our student (mentees) to be active participants rather than passive receivers of instructions.

In short we urge mentees how to think , not what to think!”

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