OBU RAP Topic 18

A review of the marketing strategy of an organisation and its effectiveness


“Better knowledge of various aspects of marketing strategies adopted by the selected organisation and assessment of its effectiveness by their overall impact on various operations of the organisation under well qualified mentor is key to success for passing RAP under this topic.

This topic relates with review of various aspects of marketing strategy of an organisation and how these marketing strategies overall impact on business operations of the organisation in particular period of time.

A strategy is a long-term plan to achieve certain objectives. A marketing strategy is therefore a marketing plan designed to achieve marketing objectives. For example, marketing objective may relate to becoming the market leader by delighting customers. The strategic plan therefore is the detailed planning involving marketing research, and then developing a marketing mix to delight customers. Every organization needs to have clear marketing objectives, and the major route to achieving organizational goals will depend on strategy.

During your research on this topic you have to critically assess which market strategies your selected organisation has chosen to promote its products. Marketing strategies vary tremendously from industry to industry and business to business. Marketing strategies help bring organization to the task of marketing your products or services to the public. They create targeted campaigns that get your message out to the consumers who matter most to your success. Unfortunately, they also have the potential to cause problems of limitations in certain situations. Student must correlate overall marketing strategies of the selected organisation with its overall operations and moreover, student need to discuss that how effective is the marketing strategy of the organisation to achiever overall short and long term aims and objectives of the organisation.

Key features / requirements:

  • Proper explanation of overall concept of Marketing Strategy both in general (i.e. Litterateur Review) and specific to the selected organisation
  • In depth analysis of different applicable marketing strategies of the selected organisation.
  • Assessment of how proposed marketing strategies will impact on overall growth of the business both in short term as well as in long run.
  • Assessment of availed benefits (if applicable) by the organisation based on some adopted marketing strategies.
  • Provide some quantitative and qualitative analysis (if applicable) to substantiate above mentioned aspects in proper manner.
  • Maintain proper balance in explanation / analysis of different aspects of marketing strategies and their impact on overall business performance of the organisation.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Key Success Factors:

  • Proper application of all selected aims and objectives (that decided in inception of RAP) in appropriate sections of RAP.
  • Proper answering of all research questions (that decided in inception of RAP) in appropriate sections of RAP.
  • Usage of proper research methodology to achieve good result against all selected aims and objectives (that decided in inception of RAP).
  • Maintain proper sequence of all discussion in logical manner by keeping all requirements of the topic.
  • Logically conclude all performed work at the end of Research Report by keeping in consideration of all requirements of the topic.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Major benefits for choosing this topic:

  • Student will practically apply his/her bookish knowledge into real life.
  • Various techniques learned under this topic will substantially help student in his/her professional life.

Major possible limitations faced by student under this topic:

  • Students may not entertain well by the management of selected organisation in provision of required information due to various issues (e.g. confidentiality aspects, non availability of authorized person to disseminate information to student for research work, etc.)
  • Student may not find good stuff from internet  or other sources (due to weak research approach) to bring ideas for improvement in the project.
  • If student acquire information from primary sources then he/she may be confused due to variation in actual information (verbal or documented) provided from primary sources with the result that he/she actually derive from his/her research work as per requirement of the topic. 

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP. 

Suitable organisation under this topic:

The most suitable organisation under this topic is that for which student have access to management of the company and moreover management of the company is willingly provide all required information to student as required under the topic. Selection of most appropriate organisation is very essential as student must have better understanding of overall operations of the organisation and moreover he/she also have enough knowledge of the sector in which his/her selected organisation actually operates. Based on better knowledge of the organisation and respective sector , student will be able to interlink various aspect of overall operations of the selected organisation with all requirements of the topic that ultimately help him/her in getting good grades. In short student need to assess following aspects in selection of organisation for RAP.

  • Student’s own interest related to overall business of the organisation;
  • Accessibility of information from primary sources (not 100% essential as it various as per students approach);
  • Accessibility of information from secondary sources;
  • Knowledge of overall operations (specifically related to marketing function) of the organisation (extremely important in topic 18);
  • Knowledge of overall associated sector of the organisation;
  • Availability of time from concerned officials of selected organisation (not 100% essential as it various as per students approach); and
  • Basic idea of requirements of selected topic and their applications on proposed organisation in inception of RAP.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Suggested approach for this topic:

Under this topic, student must plan properly from inception so that he/she can complete all tasks effectively in proper manners. First of all, student must  gain excellent understanding of major requirements of this topic and he/she need to critically assess all aspects of requirement by defining detailed strategy.  Student need to assess that what process that he/she actually follow to meet all requirements that only possible through detailed planning in inception of RAP.

Student need to  prepare overall content of RAP under topic 18 that describes logical sequence of all tasks that need to adhere by the student. This content will also help student to keep on right track from inception and at the same time student can also assess time factor against planned vs. actual tasks through considering his allocated time for complete preparation of RAP.

After finalization of overall content of RAP under topic 18, student need to start working logically from gathering of information as per requirement of topic. Student need to assess all gathered information very critically through consultation from mentor. Mentor feedback on key areas of RAP is very essential so student should share his/her thoughts with project mentor regularly to get efficient guidance in time accordingly.

In short, there is no 100% suggested approach for topic 18 as keeping broader level approach (described above) , detailed approach under topic 18 varies due to student’s perception that he conceived from requirements of the topic along with available information of selected organisation. Whatever, the approach you will follow , keep getting guidance from project mentor at every step so that you can meet all requirements of topic and get good grades.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Availability of Information:

Student have to complete his/her RAP based on provision of information directly from management of the organisation (i.e. primary sources of information) along with vast information available through different mediums (internet, newspaper, books, etc.) under secondary sources of information.  Availability of information from primary sources under topic number 18 is not 100% essential as it various as per overall approach of the student. If student plan to get information from primary sources then he/she needs to ensure that he/she has access of vast information from management of the selected organisation and there is no confidentiality concerns by them as well.

In short, student need to assess very critically before opting this topic for RAP as all requirements of this topic only meet if student have enough information about selected organisation. If there is any doubt on provision of required information during perpetration of RAP then student should not select this topic for RAP as it impact on overall evaluation of information and overall grades of RAP.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

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